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Vintage Natural Saltwater Pearl Necklace Diamond Emerald Gem Certificate (5881)

Vintage Natural Saltwater Pearl Necklace Diamond Emerald Gem Certificate (5881)

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Vintage Art Deco era natural saltwater pearl necklace. Clasp in silver, gold, diamonds and emerald. Made circa 1920-30's. Comes with certificate from the French Gemmological Laboratory. Measurements: Length approximately 17 1/2 inches (44cm). Center Pearl 6.9mm in diameter. Weighs 11.73 grams. This is known as a Princess necklace because of the length. Pearls are gradated according to size, with the smallest ones near the clasp and the largest ones in the center, front. The central, largest pearl has a distinctly blue hue. Those on either side of it look more apricot. The rest of the pearls range from silvery white, through creams to pale pastels, but are not nearly as distinctive in color as the central pearl. While not perfectly round, the pearls have a very pleasing close to round shape and the laboratory has defined them as round in shape. The clasp is backed in gold (at least 18k - acid tested) set with a pair of diamonds and an emerald. Diamonds are Old Mine Cut diamonds, collet-set. Emerald, of a lovely hue is rectangular in shape. Makes the perfect necklace for a bride, a wedding, a graduation or sweet 16. Will continue to be worn as it is timeless and classic.

The necklace comes with a certificate from the French Gemmological Laboratory (Laboratoire Francais De Gemmologie) no 306173. The certificate states that the necklace includes 114 natural white-cream natural pearls and 6 cultured pearls. Marks: there are a number of numerals on the back of the clasp and the tongue of the clasp is marked ET.

Condition: pearls are in good condition. Emerald is worn and a polish would bring out it's color. Please see enlarged pictures for details and don't hesitate to ask questions - we will do our best to answer.

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