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Vintage Bracelet 18k Gold Silver Cross Charms Mother Mary Christian (6006)

Vintage Bracelet 18k Gold Silver Cross Charms Mother Mary Christian (6006)

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Vintage charm bracelet bangle. 18k and other gold, silver. French and other origins. Made mid 20th century - circa 1940's.


Measurements: Total weight is 24grams (including the stone). Bangle is approximately 7 inches (17cm) in circumference.


Christian Roman Catholic jewelry. A bangle bracelet with 4 attached loops to connect to 4 Religious charms. Two are crosses: the smaller of the two is a regular, Latin cross, the center once enamelled in dark blue/black but the enamel now largely worn away (easily restored if so desired). The other cross is the Cross of Lorraine with textured surface and trifoil terminals. A small pebble or stone is held within gold wires. The significance of the pebble is unknown but clearly bears had religious and sentimental value to the original owner, so it could be a stone from a religious site or pilgrimage. The last charm represents the Virgin Mary. The mother is beautifully depicted in slightly elongated, elegant proportions hinting at late 19th century. She is clearly worn. The back of this round disk has the initials WV or VW intertwined over a textured surface. THere is a safety chain in gold, indicating the value placed on the bracelet.


This is the type of bangle bracelet as worn by Wallace Simpson, Duchess of Windsor and was very popular mid 20th century. The wear on parts of the bangle show that this was a favourate piece of jewelry.


Marks and Metal: The bangle hallmarked for 18k. Bangle, both crosses were acid tested as at least 18k gold. Silver was also acid tested. 


Condition: The bangle itself has minor wear, commensurate with age, as does the Cross of Lorraine. The smaller cross has large enamel loss and the face of the Mother Mary is worn. Please see enlarged pictures for details and ask questions, which we will do our best to answer.

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