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Vintage Boucheron Ring French 18k White and Yellow Gold Two Part Ring (5318)

Vintage Boucheron Ring French 18k White and Yellow Gold Two Part Ring (5318)

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Vintage Modern Ring. Two parts fit together like a puzzle, made of white and yellow 18k gold respectively. Made in France, circa 1960. Suitable for a man or a woman.

Measurements: Approximately US size 6. Combined weight is 13.5grams. Approximately 7-8mm across the gold band.

Modernist design hinting at the mechanical and industrial world. The ring is made in two parts. There were possibly other parts that were interchangeable, but we are selling the outer yellow gold fitting and the inner, white gold complement. The gold outer component with horizontal rolls, and gaps to display the white gold component that fits inside. The white gold component slips, like a part of a puzzle, into the yellow gold frame and while it can be easily removed, it is quite secure and fast while inserted. The white gold, a silvery white in tone, almost like part of a machine, has vertical rolls that lie perpendicular to the gold ones.

Marks: There are a lot of hallmarks and gold marks on this ring. Each part is richly marked with the French eagle mark for 18k gold, OR 750 and a number of serial marks. The Boucheron mark in a lozenge (with S on the left side and B on the right) is slightly worn on the white gold component, but clearer on the yellow gold.

Condition: minor wear/scratching commensurate with age.

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