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Victorian Etruscan Revival bangle rams heads gold silver mixed metals (7419)

Victorian Etruscan Revival bangle rams heads gold silver mixed metals (7419)

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Antique Victorian Etruscan Revival bangle. Red and yellow gold and silver. Made circa 1880. Antique fitted box. 

Measurements: Weight is 40.6 grams. Inner circumference is very approximately 7inches (18cm).

Description : Mixed metals bangle in the Etruscan Revival or Greek Revival style. Rigid bangle with hinge opposite the clasp that opens to facilitate wearing/taking off the bangle. Most of the rigid tubular bangle is in high carat yellow gold. The heads and part of the necks of the rams cross over one another.  The necks and heads in silver with gold upper details. The lower part of this section and the heads of the rams are silver.   The gold wire work decoration with circles and golden spheres in a pattern, repeated twice on each ram's neck and with gold wirework borders.  Rams heads are in silver with very fine detail to facial features and furry coat.  Large curling horns, red gold and also finely detailed.   

Comes in original fitted box. Orange silk outside; purple and cream silk inside. 

Marks and Metal: The main body of the bangle is made of high carat gold. When tested electronically, it ranges from 18k and higher, so we will guarantee at least 18k, which is confirmed by acid testing. The horns and back of the rams with the filigree work are low carat, red gold, testing electronically as 10k. Please remember that antique metals are not as pure and homogenous as the computer-machine-produced metals of today. 

Condition: Good with minor wear / dings commensurate with age. The bar that connects the two heads has been soldered, but this cannot be seen unless you turn the bangle upside down and is mentioned only for total accuracy.  
The outside of the box is worn but sturdy.  Inside of box and clasp are in great shape with minor shredding to join of silk (see 'photos). 

Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.   

THE STORY: Since the days of Ancient Greece, rams heads have been popular subjects in jewelry. Rams were considered symbols of strength and vitality. Later the sheep became a symbol of Christianity. With or without their symbolic connotations, rams heads are aesthetically very pleasing subjects. Bangles, especially of this rigid type were popular from those ancient days and were worn up and down the arm, notably, on the upper arm. This theme was therefore an obvious choice for the jewellers of the Revivalist era. In particular Etruscan Revival jewellers saw this as a double theme. 
During the late 19th century, influenced by Japanese Meiji artwork, Europeans and Americans began making extraordinary items in mixed metals. The combination of gold and silver is more complex than the use of a single metal would be and mixed metal items were often considered superior artistically and aesthetically. 

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