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Victorian Earrings Ring Set Sapphires GIA Natural no heat Diamonds Gold (7431)

Victorian Earrings Ring Set Sapphires GIA Natural no heat Diamonds Gold (7431)

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Antique Victorian earrings and ring set. Gold, silver, diamonds, natural, no heat sapphires. Made circa 1880-1900. 
Come with two GIA certificates - one for the ring and one for the earrings. See below and see 'photos.

Measurements: Weight is 15.6 grams. US size 6. Length of ring is 18mm and length of earrings is 2cm (a little over 3/4 inch). 
Central stones of earrings measure 8.07 X 5.30 mm and 8.00 X 3.74mm respectively.
Central sapphire of ring measures 5.90mm X 5.72mm ? 3.79mm. One small sapphire was measured as 2.86mm X 2.88mm. 
Above are GIA measurements (see 'photos of certificates). 
Ring is US size 6. 

Description : Bulls-eye or target design, with concentric rings of blue sapphires and diamonds. Ring is round; earrings more oval. 
Bezel and tops of earrings are slightly convex, rising to the center. The central stones are higher than the others, raised in a gold colette. 
The ring with cushiony plush central stone, surrounded by rose-cut diamonds set in silver and then another ring of sapphires.  The bezel of the ring is raised above the finger by an openwork gallery of scrolls over a mount of golden foliage. This allows light to enter from behind the stones and adds to their brightness and gleam. The stones are set in silver (besides the central stone). The shank is richly worked to match the back of the bezel. 
The matching earrings, also arching toward the center, stones set in silver with an identical arrangement of concentric rings of sapphires and diamonds. The central sapphires are oval in shape. 

Stunning, almost electric color of blue, wonderfully set off by the diamonds and mount. Beautiful workmanship. After approximately 150 years, these earrings and ring are as fantastically wearable today as they were when they were made. It's impressive that the set has remained together for this length of time. For a smart woman, they are the ultimate 'goto' set. The colors will enhance and match every complexion; the workmanship and design are classic. 

Backs of earrings are probably replacements. Original wires for pierced ears were replaced by comfortable clips for any ears, including non-pierced. 

Marks and Metal: No marks. We tested the metal electronically and with acid. Ring is 18k; clips stay for 14k. Tops: we assumed silver, but they test as low k gold (10k?). Please see note on metals in antique jewelry in yellow section below.

We have two  GIA certificates: one for the ring and one for the earrings. All sapphires were appraised as natural sapphires, with no evidence of heat treatment. The sapphires of the earrings were identified as being of Sri Lankan origin. The ring does not have a conclusive origin.   

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Besides the obviously changed clips, there is no sign of restoration/repair/damage of any sort. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. 

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