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Victorian Earrings Etruscan Revival 18k Gold Granulation Filigree fringes (6558)

Victorian Earrings Etruscan Revival 18k Gold Granulation Filigree fringes (6558)

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Exceptional Victorian Etruscan Revival earrings - long ear pendants. 18k gold. English or Italian. 1870's.


Measurements: Weigh 6.3 grams. Length is approximately 2 1/8 inch (5.5cm).


Description : Exceptional earrings in the Etruscan or Classic Revival style depicting the mania for everything ancient during the 2nd half of the 19th century. The earrings are entirely made of 18k gold. Small oval surmounts with a triangular fitting at the back to suspend the main body of the earrings which are elongated rain-drop-shaped. The surface decorated with various forms of rope-twist and beaded filigree wirework as well as small granulations of gold beads. The wide bottom is hollowed out and encloses a large golden oval giving a multi-dimentional facet to the ear pendants, already rich with adornment. A long golden fringe is suspended from the earrings. Fringed earrings were the rage during the 1870's throughout Europe, but especially in England. Each section moves independantly, so that in addition to the interest inherent in the decoration of the earrings, there is the additional aspect of continuous, multiple movements.


Quality of the workmanship is exceptionally good. As lavish over 150 years ago as they are today. Very comfortable to insert and wear.


Marks: No marks which is typical of antique English Victorian jewelry. Gold was acid tested to ensure metal purity.


Condition: The earrings would be considered to be in very good condition. Negligible dings on gold backs commensurate with age and use. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.


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