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Victorian Child's Jewelry Set Bracelet Ring 14k Gold Enamel Original Box (6603)

Victorian Child's Jewelry Set Bracelet Ring 14k Gold Enamel Original Box (6603)

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Antique Victorian child's jewelry set adjustable bracelet and ring. 14k yellow gold and black enamel. Made circa 1860-80's. Comes in Original fitted box.

Measurements: Combined weight is 6.8 grams. Circumference of bracelet is approximately 4 1/2 inches. Ring is a US size 5 1/4.

Description : Bracelet and ring connected by a gold chain, made for a child. The ring is a simple gold band, like a plain wedding ring. The chain that connects it to the bracelet is very sturdy and made of strong, tightly fitting rounded rectangular links. The bracelet is superb - composed of very finely fitted gold links that make the band totally supple and luxurious - like golden silk. A gold slide and stopper are enamelled in black - whether for mourning or fashionable reasons, we do not know. By moving the slide away from the stopper, the size of the bracelet is decreased; by moving it closer, there is more space for a bigger wrist/arm. Fringes on the end of the stopper are typical of Victorian jewelry of the 1860's.

The set comes in it's original fitted box, moulded for the ring and bracelet. It is lined in blue velvet and made of solid wood with brass fittings. Very strong and very lovely in and of itself.

The loveliness of this set speaks for itself. In addition, it is extremely rare. Children's jewelry can be found, but it is usually in low grade gold and never have we seen an intact set like this in its original box. Another great feature is that it will work for a child until he/she is quite old (not just a baby), thanks to the adjustable size. The security feature makes it more child-friendly with less chance of losing any part.

Marks: There are no marks, which is typical of this period in most countries (UK and USA included). We acid tested the gold to ensure at least 14k metal purity.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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