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Victorian Caduceus Brooch gold pearls enamel Snakes Doctors GIULIANO (7353)

Victorian Caduceus Brooch gold pearls enamel Snakes Doctors GIULIANO (7353)

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Antique Victorian Caduceus brooch pin. 18k gold, enamel, pearls. Made 19th century (1880 - 1900). Strongly attributed to the Giuliano family - see below.
Unisex - suitable for a man or a woman. Appropriate especially for a doctor.

Measurements: Weight is 8.3 grams. A tad over 2 inches (5.5cm) long.

Description : The caduceus was the symbol of the Greek god, Hermes and became the symbol for medicine and doctors in later years. This is a rare example, combining rich 18k yellow gold and fabulous enamel work. Like every other caduceus, the brooch has a central staff or pole in the center. Pearls set at either end. Pearls untested.
The snakes loop around one another, forming loops that increase in size as the snake climb the pole. Heads point outwards, forked tongues extended. Bodies of snakes are enamelled in black, forming a diamond pattern with the gold base. Stunningly attractive. Above the serpents, is the traditional pair of extended wings. Enamelled in orange, blue, white and red, with engine turned backgrounds to some of the enamelling, adding very subtle, shiny interest. Outstanding quality of the workmanship. Beautiful design, top quality workmanship, great sheen and shine - the perfect brooch for any doctor.
Hinged pin and simple c-clasp.
The pin appears to have a partly obliterated Giuliano maker's mark - see below and 'photo. Identical caduceus brooches are known to have been made by the Giuliano family with the identical snakes, black and gold enamelling, wings and staff, terminated with pearls at either end. The color of the enamel on the wings varies somewhat in different examples, but these colors are typical of Giuliano. Since the maker's mark is partially illegible, we are attributing the brooch to Giuliano.
An example of the identical brooch as above can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Marks and Metal: Gold was electronically and acid tested to ensure metal purity. Behind the pin, partially obliterated, is an oval mark with what appears to be a C and a G, the mark of the Giuliano family. It is very likekly that the pin was replaced.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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