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Victorian Caduceus brooch gold demantoid garnets diamonds pearls snakes (7354)

Victorian Caduceus brooch gold demantoid garnets diamonds pearls snakes (7354)

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Antique Victorian brooch pin in the form of a caduceus with wings and snakes. Gold, some silver, diamonds, demantoid garnets and pearls. Made 19th century (circa 1880 - 1900).
Independent appraisal.

Measurements: Weight is 6.8 grams. Length is 2 inches (a little over 5cm). 1.60ct colored stones; 0.60ct diamonds.

Description : The caduceus was the symbol of the Greek god, Hermes and became the symbol for medicine and doctors in later years.
This is an outstanding example of caduceus brooches. Nothing was spared in the design, workmanship and materials.
Like all symbols of this kind, the center is a pole or staff around which a pair of serpents are coiled. The bodies of the snakes form loops, increasing in size as the snakes move up the pole. The entire bodies and heads of the snakes are set with wonderful green demantoid garnets - more rare and valuable than diamonds. A loupe shows that the eyes are tiny cabochon rubies. Between the snake heads, is a round pearl, the center of a beautiful pair of wings, entirely pave set with diamonds. Antenna-like stems branch from the central pearl and overlap the wings, noticeable only if you are examining the details of the brooch very closely - and an example of the lengths to which the artist-craftsman went to add interest and quality to this jewel.
Terminals of the pole set with pearls.
Clasp of pin with a minutely hinged lock - another sign of the quality of workmanship and care that went into making this brooch.

Marks and Metal: Behind the clasp of the pin is an engraved 867 - we do not know the significance of this number. We tested gold electronically and acid tested as 18k, but pin is 14k. Our appraiser said 14k, which we will guarantee to err on the side of caution.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Pin possibly replaced. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
Independent appraisal with value of $10000.00
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