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ROSA BONHEUR Painting Seascape Original Signed watercolor (3013)

ROSA BONHEUR Painting Seascape Original Signed watercolor (3013)

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Original signed watercolor painting by Rosa Bonheur (French 1822 - 1899).

Measures 15 1/4inches X 11 1/8inches (Site).

Frame measures 22 3/4inches X 17 1/2inches.

Sea and Landscape watercolour: A rocky cliff is pounded by waves.

In the center, a pool of water overflows in a waterfall back to the sea.

Sandy beach on the right with the water gradually lapping up onto the shore on the left foreground.

On top of the cliff, a hiker with a long stick and wearing a hat and knapsack strides away from the viewer.

On his right, he is carefully watched by a goat, partially hidden by the grass and scrub.

Gentle clouds in the sky.

Detail and brushwork of the painting are fantastic.

The sea seems to be alive and like the real thing, is depicted in every shade of blue, green and yellow and seems to emanate light. 

By contrast, the rocks feel very solid.

Also wonderfully painted, with pencil highlights.

The sky ranges from pinks to blues and purples - quite beautifully done.

Masterful combination of delicacy and sureness of technique.

Painting is clearly signed lower right.

On the back of the painting is an old red wax seal with embossed: VENTE ROSA BONHEUR 1900Condition is very good.

No damage/restorations of any sort.
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