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Pair Georgian Gold Cameo Bracelets Napoleon Bonaparte & French Empress (5354)

Pair Georgian Gold Cameo Bracelets Napoleon Bonaparte & French Empress (5354)

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Antique Jewelry - Empire Georgian pair bracelets. 18k gold, enamel and agate hardstone cameo miniature portraits of Napoleon Bonaparte and either Josephine or Marie Louise Bonaparte. Made circa 1810 during the reign of Napoleon I in France, known as the Empire period.

Measurements: Oval medallions are 26mm long. Napoleon bracelet is approx. 17cm long; Josephine bracelet is approx. 15cm long. Bands of bracelets are approximately 22mm wide. Combined weight (including fabric) is 26.8grams. Note, ruler in pictures is in inches.

Dating from the lifetime of Napoleon I (corresponding with the Georgian era), a pair of carved agate hardstone cameos depicting miniature portraits of Napoleon and the Empress. Napoleon in profile with laurel leaf, curved nose and sharp chin. Fine detail to hair locks and features. The Empress, in the popular guise of a Classic (ancient Greek/Roman) also seen in profile with similar fine detail. Each cameo is set in a gold medallion with very fine detail in alternating rings in tiers with a rich blue enamel border. The bracelet chains are typical of French Georgian jewelry and are composed of different patterns of French chains, sewn onto velvet fabric. The Napoleon bracelet is slightly longer than the Josephine bracelet in order to allow for the natural tapering of the arm. Wide tongue in groove clasp. Comes in a fitted box, which is probably later than the cameos, but dates to the 19th century.

Marks: each gold oval is hallmarked with the Rooster, that was used 1798 - 1809. The tongues of the clasp have the slightly later eagle head hallmark.

Condition: good especially considering that the cameos are over 200 years old.

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