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Imperial Russian silver Judaica snuff jewelry box (3192)

Imperial Russian silver Judaica snuff jewelry box (3192)

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Judaica : Silver snuff / jewelry box made in Imperial Russia, 1897, with Star of David and engraved Hebrew dedication.

Measures 3 1/4 inches long; 1 1/2 inches wide and 1 13/16 inch high. Weighs 143.4g

Rectangular box with long, elegant thumbpiece.

Surface has feather / foliate engraved decoration with foliate corners and X's front and back.

Good long hinges join lid to bottom.

Bottom of box is marked inside with Russian hallmarks A.

Cover 1897 ; 84 for Russian silver standard and maker: IP which might be for Fedor Ruckert who worked for Faberge in Moscow.

(we are not Russian specialists, so draw your own conclusions).

The outside of the lid has a double walled circle with double-walled engraving of a Star of David.

Inside, in engraved letters are the words in Hebrew L'ESTHER DAVID ie dedicated to Esther David.

While boxes of this shape are normally referred to as snuff boxes, the dedication on the lid, to a woman, indicates that it might have been used for trinkets or jewellery.

Condition is good.

Minor signs of age, concommitant with the age of the item, but no damage/restoration.

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