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Holbeinesque Antique Victorian Jewelry Set Pendant Earrings Gold Diamond Opal Pearl Enamel (4877)

Holbeinesque Antique Victorian Jewelry Set Pendant Earrings Gold Diamond Opal Pearl Enamel (4877)

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Antique Victorian Holbeinesque Jewelry Set. Renaissance Revival. Pendant and earrings. 18k yellow gold and enamel set with rock crystal, opals, half pearls and diamonds. English, circa 1870-80's. 

Measurements: Earrings approx 1 inch / 2.5cm long, not including the wires. Pendant is approx 3 1/4 inches / 8.5cm long. Combined weight 30.1grams. Total diamond weigh approx 1.00 ct; Opals approx 2.0 ct;

Earrings: diamond shaped. Central opals with red, green and white enamel flowers in gold borders and black background. A pair of diamonds is set into the centers of the flowers on the long axis of the earring. Simple gold wires make wearing the earrings easy and comfortable.

The Pendant: Secure loop surmount with enamel in red, white and green on black ground with gold borders. The main body of the pendant is a generous round-oval with border in jewelled enamel matching the flower of the surmount with blue details, and with natural pearls set in the hearts of the flowers at the cardinal points. On either side of each of the flowers is foliage with a diamond in the middle. Within the enamel jewelled border is a large oval rock crystal (30.00 X 23.00 mm). The sides slope slightly with facets cut at gentle angles. The slightly domed top is set with an opal surrounded by a ring of diamonds in gold mounts. A loop suspends a diamond shaped drop with similar enamel diamond and opal. The opal is a particularly lovely blue shade.

Comes in original, fitted box.

No hallmarks, but tests for 18k gold.

Very good condition. No damage of any sort.

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