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Georgian Set 18k Gold Turquoise Earrings Necklace Bracelets Pendant Brooch (7130)

Georgian Set 18k Gold Turquoise Earrings Necklace Bracelets Pendant Brooch (7130)

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Antique Georgian parure jewelry set. 18k gold and turquoise. Ear pendant earrings, necklace, Maltese Cross pendant, brooch, a pair of bracelets. Made in England, United Kingdom, circa 1820 - 1835 (see below). Comes in original, fitted box.

Measurements: See individual items, below.

Description : An extraordinary and magnificent jewelry set. 18k gold cannetille set with turquoise. Extremely fine workmanship as was only found in the Georgian era. Gold in fine filigree and globulation that works as the perfect foil to the cabochon turquoise gems. All pieces are composed of the same fabulous cannetille scrolling wirework, golden granules and pyramids of gold filigree. Most of the turquoise gems are in great condition and they have maintained their wonderful color (usually turquoise discolors with changes in weather or other adverse factors). One or two of the stones have very minor natural imperfections, mentioned only for the sake of accuracy.

Ear pendant earrings. These are absolutely fabulous in their own right. They are composed of small surmounts that separate from the dangling drops, making them suitable to wear alone by day, or more elegantly together, at night. Hence they are called top/drop or day/night earrings. They consist of graduated lines of oval turquoise cabochons with scrolling openwork cannetille borders. Sturdy wires go front to back, typical of the period. Each earrings, excluding the wires is 2 1/2 inches long (6cm). Weigh 7 grams. Strangely, the 4th station down the line has an open back, while the others are closed. The turquoise mounts in the rest of the jewelry have open backs as well. We will never know the reason that some of these are closed.

Pair of bracelets: It is quite rare to find a pair of matching bracelets. At the time these were made, bracelets were usually made and bought in pairs. One for each wrist. These beauties are made of the same fabulous cannetille work with round cabochon turquoise in the center of each station. Tongue-in-groove clasps. Length, not including the tongue is 6 1/2 inches (16cm). 1cm wide. Weigh 18.3 grams.

Necklace: Absolutely stunning is the necklace 17 1/4 inches (44cm), excluding the tongue. Weighs 24.1 grams. 21 stations of cannetille and round turquoise that match the description of the other pieces above. In the center is a wider section of 3 interconnected parts - the bottom ballooning out gently to the middle and set with 3 oval turquoise cabochons. Open backs to turquoise. The bottom of the middle section has a well-camouflaged bar from which the pendant can be hung. Tongue-in-groove clasp as well as a gold safety chain.

Pendant: the pendant is in the form of a Maltese Cross. Maltese Crosses were the rage in Georgian England (despite the English banning the Templars, who created them). This is one of the most stunning Maltese crosses to have been created. The cannetille work is extraordinary and the luxurious richness of the cabochon turquoise gems, of differing sizes, forming patterns within patterns is extraordinary. In fact, the arms of the cross appear to be butterflies and the center is a radiating starburst and cross within a cross. The bezel is set with the same fabulous work and turquoise gems. It is large and can accommodate a large chain. It can also be suspended by a hidden 'arm' hook at the back, from the necklace. Pendant weighs 10.2 grams. It is a tad over 2 1/2 inches long, including the bale.

Brooch: just under 1 1/4 inches (3cm) long. Weighs 2.4 grams. Hinged pin and c-clasp. This is quite small for a brooch and was possibly used to hold a scarf, shawl, veil or simply to pin on a garment. Open back.

Original, fitted box is a fabulous 'extra'. Not only is there a little fitted compartment for each item, but it is made in such a way that the ends tuck under the surface, helping to hold the jewelry securely in place. This is a very rare feature and additional evidence that nothing was spared to make and maintain this luxurious and magnificent set. Outside of the scallop-shaped box is leather; lid inside is silk and arching, fitted bottom is velvet.

Clasp in working order. Date: Fine Georgian cannetille work was done in the decade 1820 - 1830. Marks and Metal: No marks, as is to be expected of jewelry of this age. Condition: Amazingly good condition with negligible wear (see details above) commensurate with age. There are one or two minute drops of solder, visible only with a loupe and mentioned for the sake of total transparency. It does not affect/impinge on the absolute beauty of the piece.

Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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