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Antique Georgian Poissarde Earrings 18k Gold Garnet Enamel (3372)

Antique Georgian Poissarde Earrings 18k Gold Garnet Enamel (3372)

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Pair of genuine Georgian earrings. 18K gold, garnet, silver and enamel. Made in France,  early 19th century.

Total length of earring is approx 1 3/8 inches.

Typical early French poissarde earrings formed with oval backs,  - going through the ear from back to front, and supported in the center by an s-curve. The front, visible portion is a long panel of chased, repousse, 18 carat gold. Three enclosures have raised silver settings in the form of flowers. In the center of each is an old garnet (tested as garnet with Presidium Duotester).  Often gems in poissarde earrings are paste and not genuine stones.  The central flower has a ring of bright blue enamel petals.

Marks: clearly marked with ram's head mark (belier) and another hallmark, which is possibly an old maker's mark.  Ram's head places earrings clearly in the period around 1800.  Please see 'photos.

Condition:  It appears that the earrings had flaps or wings on the sides, but these have largely broken off over the last 200 years. There are slight vestiges, which we are leaving as is. (see 'photos). The fronts of the earrings are in good condition. 

 These Georgian earrings are almost impossible to find any more.

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