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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Edwardian Belle Epoque bangle bracelet gold platinum Diamonds Antique (7434)

Edwardian Belle Epoque bangle bracelet gold platinum Diamonds Antique (7434)

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Antique Belle Epoque bangle bracelet. 18k gold, platinum, Old European Cut and Rose Cut diamonds. For origin, see below.

Measurements: Weight is 41.8 grams. 2 5/8 inches from end to end (6.7cm). Width of bangle is approximately 1.7cm.
Old European Cut and Rose cut diamonds measure approximately 5ct. The OEC central stone measures approximately 0.5ct. 

Description : The bangle is solid gold with a layer of platinum on the front half. This is adorned with a magnificent openwork design in pave-set diamonds, and filigrain platinum borders. 
Light and lacy. Diamonds seem to float in air and rays of light.
A colette set, round, Old European cut diamond (approximately 0.5ct), forms the focal point in the center. It is surrounded by concentric rings of pave set diamonds with open rings seperating each ring from the next one.  The sides of this section with borders of pave set diamonds in an upper and lower ribbon forming an enclosed framework. Within this framework is a long design of foliage and flower/berries, one following the other, ending in a scrolling bud alongside the outer circles of the center. 

The 'back' half of the bangle is also very beautifully made. It is also very solid gold, hinged on one side and containing the grooved part of the clasp on the other. The outside is finely engraved with scrolling foliage with a starburst flower or snowflake in the center. The engraved pattern echoes the design of the diamonds on the front part of the bangle. 
Top and bottom edge of the bangle indicate the fabulous quality of the bangle. They are at least a mm wide, with engraved patterns on one half where the other half is open to allow light to enter behind the diamonds.

Tongue-in-groove clasp is very firm and secure. 
A fine safety chain to ensure that you don't somehow drop the bangle from your wrist. 

Design, materials and workmanship are outstanding.

Marks and Metal: No marks found. 

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age.  Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.   

ORIGIN and THE STORY: While the quality of the workmanship and the source of the bangle place the origin in Paris, France, without French hallmarks, we cannot make this claim.  Was it a French master who worked out of the country? Was it a private commission where the owner failed to have the piece assayed? We will never know.  
What we do know is that this was a bangle owned by a genuine connoiseur and someone who could afford to have or give, the absolute best quality. At that time, Paris was the center of international society, with royalty and aristocrats mixing with the stars of the stage (think Sarah Bernhardt), politicians and the Demi Monde, all of whom collected fabulous jewels. Was the bangle owned by a Duchess or a lady of the night? Whomsover it was, we are all still in awe of this beautiful creation - one of the few pieces that can be called a Real WOW!! 

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