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Bracelet Antique Bangle French Victorian Wide Flat 18k Gold (4713)

Bracelet Antique Bangle French Victorian Wide Flat 18k Gold (4713)

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Antique, Victorian wide bracelet. 18k gold. Made in France, 19th century.

Measures approximately 7 inches long (17.5cm). Measurement same for inside and out as it is a flat bracelet that opens and the difference is in the thickness of the gold (less than a millimeter). 7/8 inch wide and weighs 28.6 grams.

Wide and flat, very silky feel to it. Bracelet consists of tiny tiles/segments, almost invisibly joined one to the other, so that it curves and bends around the wrist in an organic way. Alternating bands of flat, openwork gold, the borders with a tiny half sphere on the rims, alternate with two bands of 3 dimensional segments, each segment pyramidal in shape. Tongue clasp. Two rings for adding a safety chain (not present). Outstanding quality. Very elegant and beautiful.

Hallmarked on the tongue of the clasp with the French eagle, indicating 18k gold.

There has been a professional restoration to the backs of one or two tiles, that in no way impinges on the good looks of the bracelet when worn and mentioned only for the sake of accuracy. Otherwise, very good condition.

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