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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Vintage silver skull pendant opens Man's Biker Memento Mori Goth (7347)

Antique Vintage silver skull pendant opens Man's Biker Memento Mori Goth (7347)

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Antique / vintage Silver opening skull pendant, Memento Mori amulet or ornament. These skulls have been made since the 18th century - often holding watches. We do not know the exact age of this pendant, but believe it is a fairly early example. It came from an antique collector who had a sub-collection of skull jewelry.   

Measurements: Weight is 86.6 grams. Approximately 2 inches from back to front of jaw.

Description : Naturalistically modelled skull with grinning jaw showing teeth and at least a couple of teeth intentionally missing. Hinge allows jaw to open and close. As mentioned, these skulls often originally contained watches. The theme of time was close to the Georgians and Victorians - Memento Mori jewelry - to remind us that time is not on our side and all of us go the same way as this skull.

A sturdy loop on the head for threading a chain.

Skull jewelry is highly collectible amongst different groups of collectors: those interested in fascinating historical interests, such as the Georgian / Victorian messaged Memento Mori (remember, we will all die); bikers, Hells Angels and other tough he-men of the ilk; Mexicans, who celebrate 'dia de los muertos' the Day of the Dead with Calaveras or skull jewelry.

This particular skull is bigger and heavier than most and can work as a really interesting paperweight or desk ornament.

Marks and Metal: No marks found.

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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