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Antique Victorian Ring Rubies Diamonds 18k Gold Silver French Napoleon III(7034)

Antique Victorian Ring Rubies Diamonds 18k Gold Silver French Napoleon III(7034)

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Antique Victorian Napoleon III ring. 18k gold, silver, rubies and rose-cut diamonds. Made in France, circa 1880 - 1900.

Measurements: Weight is 6.1 grams. Bezel a little over an inch (29mm). US size 7 3/4. Can easily be resized.

Description : An interesting and elegant variation on the classic navette ring of this period. Like all navette rings, the shape is long and oval with pointed ends, but in this case, it's as though an artist has swept a wave through the form and it curves and swirls in a gentle scroll. Within a very sturdy gold border, is a central curved line of rubies. Open at the back, allowing light to penetrate, resulting in continuous glints and gleams as the wearer moves. The gold inner border is outlined by an outer swirl of diamonds that tapers from point to center, forming mirror images of one another. As was the custom at the time, diamonds are set in silver. Simple shank splits into 3 foliate branches, the central leaf set with a small diamond at the shoulder. This ring is a little larger than most rings of its sort and makes a little more of a statement. Suitable to be worn by anyone, for any occasion - this is a definite 'go to ' piece of jewelry.

Marks and Metal: Outside of shank has French swan and owl marks (indicating silver and 18k gold).

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. Independent appraisal available to new owner.

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