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Antique Victorian Pique Gold Inlaid Brooch Hammer Gavel (4005)

Antique Victorian Pique Gold Inlaid Brooch Hammer Gavel (4005)

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Highly unusual brooch in the form of a judge or auctioneer's gavel - long handled hammer. Made of pique - natural substance inlaid with gold. Made circa 1830-50's.

Measures 2 inches long.

The beautifully shaped head of the hammer, a concave cylinder, somewhat translucent like amber, as well as the length of the handle, with its globe terminal, are inlaid with both silver and gold studs and crosses. The work is extremely fine and close, indicating that it is an early piece, dating closer to the Georgian era. We can forgive some of the missing metal inlay due to the extreme age and delicacy of the piece. A simple clasp, appropriate to the age and original to the piece is in good working order at the back.

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