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Antique Victorian Necklace Locket 14k Gold Turquoise Heart Bows England (6937)

Antique Victorian Necklace Locket 14k Gold Turquoise Heart Bows England (6937)

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Antique Victorian necklace. 14k gold, turquoise. Made in England circa 1860. Bought in Paris.

Measurements: Weight is 45.7 grams. Approximately 18 inches (46cm) long.

Description : Exquisitely made, romantic necklace. Made of gold and cabochon turquoise. Gently curving long bars, each section pave set with cabochon turquoise. The turquoise rises above a platform of engraved and textured gold. 5 Stations between these bars in the form of bows. The central 3 bows are fully 3-dimentional with ribbon-like loops of gold finely set with cabochon turquoise. The centers are ovals of extremely fine, tightly pave set turquoise with ribbon drops. The outer pair of bows, resembling bowties, identically pave set with turquoise.

Central trio of bows have an oval area at the back that could be used as a locket.

Play and use of color is very subtle. The gold has a finely engraved pattern of waves over pyramids on the surface. The textured gold results in a beautiful gleam as the light catches the details, with the soft blue turquoise rising above the metal.

Suspended from the central bow is a locket in the form of a weeping or witch's heart. Hinged on one side, it opens to hold 2 pictures or other relics of a loved one. The back with finely etched designs.

Tongue in groove clasp in good working order is also pave set with turquoise to match the rest of the necklace.

Setting of the stones is beautifully done; subtlety and quality of the workmanship is sublime. Turquoise are a wonderful shade of blue. As stunningly attractive, romantic and versatile today as it was over 150 years ago.

Hearts and ribbons tied in bows were extremely popular during the Victorian era, when romance and sentiment were extremely fashionable. Bows, like hearts, symbolised love, marriage and friendship - the joining together and uniting of two people into one beautiful image. Turquoise had a variety of associations, including enduring love. Hence, in every way, from form to gemstone, the necklace conveys a multitude of meanings as well as the directly obvious quality of its great beauty. The quality of the workmanship is superb - note the fine settings and subtle detail, all showing that no effort was spared in creating this exquisite jewel.

Marks and Metal: There are 14k marks on the clasp as well as a worn French mark that could be the shell mark for 14k gold (see 'photos). These marks are likely not original to the manufacturer, but added later soon after it was made. The French are fastidious about hallmarking and presumably, when the original owners imported the necklace to France, they had it hallmarked.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Clasps of necklace and locket are both in good order. It is indeed rare to find a whole necklace like this in its great, original condition. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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