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Victorian Pendant Gold diamonds opals rubies emeralds enamel Holbeinesque (6517)

Victorian Pendant Gold diamonds opals rubies emeralds enamel Holbeinesque (6517)

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Antique Victorian Holbeinesque pendant. 18k gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, opals and enamel. Made circa 1890's.

Measurements:Pendant measures 2 1/4 inches long. 1.50ct diamonds; 0.08ct emeralds; 0.16ct rubies; central opal 1.41ct (not including other opals which totals 2.91ct). Weighs 16.50 grams including chain.

Description : Holbeinesque jewelry. Pendant consists of 3 parts: bale (loop) with place for a large chain is set with small diamonds and a fat cushion opal that sparkles with light. The bale threads through a loop at the top of the main body of the pendant. The main body of the pendant is oval in shape with small wings at the cardinal points. These are set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, graduated in size. Bright and cheerful, they bring extra color to the pendant. The pendant with domed center - arches towards the middle, culminating in a wonderful central opal, full of light and various colors ranging from blue to red and through yellows, greens and white. Light streams from this stone. It is further surrounded by an oval ring of diamond, in turn bordered by a ropetwist filigree band of gold between plain gold ribbons. Concentric rings around this feature a similar outer border and an inner one with diamonds and opals collet-set between red-enamel half spheres, placed back-to-back. Finally, loops connect the drop of opals and diamonds that swing and sway at the bottom of the pendant.

This is a truly magnificent work of art. Workmanship is superb, gems are wonderful quality and used to best advantage. The whole emanates light, delicacy and interest. It comes with a modern gold chain, included for your convenience.

Marks: No marks. Metal was acid tested as at least 18k gold. **see below.

Condition: Very good with negligible wear commensurate with age and use. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. <P><P> Our appraiser tested the gold electronically as 22k. We are going with a conservative value.

The Story: Hans Holbein was considered perhaps the greatest artist in England during the late Renaissance or Tudor period. We all know his portraits of Henry VIII with the magnificent jewelry showing off his power and wealth. During the 2nd half of the 19th century, the Victorians had a passion for looking at trends of the past - Revivals of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Goths and of course, the Tudors as represented by the jewelry seen in the paintings of Holbein. Jewelry made in this style is therefore called Holbeinesque. It differs from the original in that lighter, brighter jewels and enamel were used. The richness was there, but with improvements. This is a fantastic example, probably worn by a very wealthy woman of solid means and status. The fabulous condition of this pendant proves the care lavished on it over 1 1/2 centuries of previous owners. It is as unique and stupendous today as it was then.
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