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Antique Victorian earrings pendant set gold cabochon amethysts pearls (7374)

Antique Victorian earrings pendant set gold cabochon amethysts pearls (7374)

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Antique Victorian demi parure earrings pendant set. Gold, cabochon amethysts and tiny pearls. Made circa 1880. Origin unknown (possibly Great Britain or USA).

Measurements: Weight is 13.5 grams. Earrings are approximately 1 1/2 (4cm) inches, excluding the wires. Pendant is 2 inches (a little over 5cm) long.

Description : Classic demi parure or jewelry set consisting of a pair of long, dangling earrings and a matching pendant. With some Etruscan Revival features in the golden globules and wirework. The design makes full use of the fabulous and eye-catching contrast between a deep golden yellow gold and fabulous purple amethyst cabochon gems. These stones are very likely from Siberia as they have an intensity of color and gleam that is not always found in other amethysts. The surmounts are round, semi spheres with radiating golden globules on tiny stalks.
A small loop connects to the scrolling wire atop the drop. Scrolling wirework on both terminals of the drop is a typical Victorian feature - finishing off a jewel with elegant detail. The rest of the circumference is bordered by small globules, matching those on the surmount. The body of the drop has an oval of gold, bright cut engraved and with an inner border adornment of alternating raised gold florettes in slightly darker/redder gold and little pearl flowers in raised petal-formed colettes. Within is the large, oval cabochon amethyst - gleaming or sinking into mysterious shadows and deep shades as the light catches it.
Simple wires are easy to insert and comfortable to wear.
Relatively light weight of the earrings also adds to comfort and does not pull/stretch the lobe.

Marks and Metal: There are no marks to be found on any of the pieces in this set. I tested various places of the metal electronically with various results - from 24 - 14k gold. I will guarrantee at least 14k to be very conservative. (In most places, the gold tested higher.)
During the Victorian era, it was common for gold to be less homogenous or standard than it is today with our more technological methods.

Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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