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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Victorian earrings Emeralds Diamonds Gold ultimate cushion cuts (7410)

Antique Victorian earrings Emeralds Diamonds Gold ultimate cushion cuts (7410)

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Antique Victorian earrings. Gold, diamonds, emeralds. Made circa 1880 in Great Britain. 2 appraisals.

Measurements: Weight is 5.40 grams. Emeralds estimated to weigh 4.25ct; Diamonds 0.59ct. (stones

Description : Outstanding pair of emerald and diamond earrings. Classic square/rectangular shape with large cushion cut emeralds in the center. Beautiful bright and clean emeralds (see appraisals) are the star of the show. They are subtly offset by a border of small rose-cut diamonds. Unusually, the entire mounts are in yellow gold. The diamonds are held up by a grille of openwork half-circles over a lower gold base. Light can enter from behind, adding to the glisten and gleam of the emeralds and diamonds. Emeralds are the perfect size to look impressive without being bombastic.
Simple, but sturdy gold wires loop through the ear lobe from back to front and easily hook closed. This system, used during the Victorian era was often exchanged at a later date. In the case of these earrings, the wires are absolutely original and unchanged.
The earrings have been twice appraised: once by a UK gemological laboratory and once by an independent GIA certified appraiser. Please see 'photos for details.

Marks and Metal: No marks as is expected. Gold was electronically tested as 14-18ct. We will guarantee 14k to err on the side of caution.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

THE STORY. When I was offered this pair of earrings, I did not think twice. Love at first sight! These earrings, while dating to the Victorian period, are classic. Perfect to wear with absolutely anything when you want to a) look fabulous and b) get a lot of compliments. The quality and color of the emeralds is great and enhance your complexion, eyes and hair. As we know, with emeralds, it's not the size that determines value, but the color. The color is bright green without being too deep or too watery. What I especially love about the emeralds is the cushion cut - so rich and luxurious. The design and workmanship are also fabulous. And the cherry on the top: I found them very easy to insert in the ear lobe. I thought going from back to front would be difficult, but in fact, for me, it was easier than the regular way. The direction of the wires (from the back of the ears) indicates that these earrings are utterly original.
Who was the woman who was gifted these amazing earrings fit for a queen? The earrings were bought in Great Britain, so could she have been a member of the aristocracy? When I hear about fabulous jewels belonging to Royalty of any sort, emeralds seem to lead in desireability and admiration as they have done for centuries. She must have been very important and she must have done something wonderful. Hopefully, they will go to someone equally wonderful and deserving and continue down to future generations of special women.
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