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Antique Victorian French Earrings 18k gold turquoise Roman Revival Day Night(4378)

Antique Victorian French Earrings 18k gold turquoise Roman Revival Day Night(4378)

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Antique Victorian earrings. 18 carat Gold and turquoise. Made in France circa 1890.

Measure approx 2 3/8 inches long. Weigh 11.2 grams.

Classic Roman Revival earrings in early girandole form.
Narrow earring wires go through ears from the back as is typical of antique French earrings. The surmounts/upper sections can be seperated and worn alone by day for a simpler look or with the large drops at night for a more elegant and impressive appearance. For this reason this type of versatile earrings was known as day night or top drop earrings.

Surmount in the form of a formal scroll with large golden globes, tiny gold beadwork and medium- sized little gold globules.
As was common, the surmount or tops are small and light, while the drops are large, impressive and Wow. The apex of the drops in the form of little moulded flowers which suspend fluted gold bows, set with a cabochon turquoise in the middle of the knot. The sides and center of the bow suspend 3 elongated fluted gold drops, a continuation of the ribbon forming bow above. Small gold loops under each section suspend gold set, cabochon turquoise. The loops allow the turquoise ends to swing and sway freely as the wearer moves, each independt of the others. The sides each like a double sun and the longer, central drop, in the form of a lyre with a tiny flower at the bottom.

The backs have secure metal work supports that make the earrings more sturdy.
Wires clip closed with a gentle prod and pull open with a light pull.

Clearly inspired by Ancient Roman jewelry, these earrings have a distinctly French, softened appearance - slightly more romantic and sentimental than the original Roman ear pendants. Like all French jewelry, the quality of the workmanship is very good. The combination of blue and gold is a classic - suitable for every complexion and personality and the look is elegant, sophisticated and fun.

Hallmarks include the French eagle for a minimum of 18k (the earrings look as though they could be higher k).

Very good condition. No damage/restoration found.

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