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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Victorian Earrings 14k Gold Scrolls w Pearls & Turquoise English (6087)

Antique Victorian Earrings 14k Gold Scrolls w Pearls & Turquoise English (6087)

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Antique Victorian earrings. 14k red and yellow gold, turquoise and pearls. Made in England circa 1870's.

Measurements: approximately 1 5/8 inches (4cm) long. Combined weight is 4.6 grams.

Mid to late Victorian earrings in the form of a lyrical scroll of gold openwork ribbon with applied gold flowers and foliage set with pearls and turquoise. A broad gold ribbon of gold, scrolling tightly at the top and front, billowing out towards the bottom and then scrolling back upon itself, at the back. The bottom with a round gold wreath looped through it. The wreath has almost full freedom of movement, which adds a lovely element of interest to catch the eye.
The ribbons of red gold are pierced to form openwork patterns between outer bands of solid gold. The gold a lovely warm pinky red color. The ribbons are futher adorned with applied small pearls and turquoise as well as foliage in subtly contrasting, textured yellow gold.  Centers with pretty roses in full 3 dimentions.
The earrings are full of elegance and movement. The simple wires make them easy to insert and are futher secured by c-clasps at the back. One of the wires is a tad shorter than the other.
While the earrings have a big look, they will not weigh down your ear lobes and their light weight make them comfortable to wear. A pair of earrings to be worn for any and every occasion - and all-time favorite. Happy and pretty jewelry. A big look without breaking the bank or your ears.

Marks: we found no marks on the earrings. Gold was acid and electronically tested to ensure metal purity.

Condition: good with minor wear commensurate with age. The tiny bar between the front and back of the earrings (cannot be seen when the earrings are worn) shows signs of restorations, but you can't see this unless you are looking for it and certainly not when the earrings are worn. We mentioned this only for the sake of accuracy and show it clearly in the pictures. Please see enlarged 'photos and do not hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

THE STORY: We do not know exactly who owned these earrings. It might have been a young lady of the middle to upper classes or a matron from the same category of society. These earrings were perfect for day wear and we can see the original owner pouring tea with her elegant friends at the height of the British Empire, when these were made. Tres elegant! Classic and always in style.
Testimony to the durability of antique jewelry, these wonderful earrings have lasted through about 8 generations of women, each of whom took care of them while enjoying them and they have come down to us in remarkably good shape considering the time and use. Each generation gifted the earrings to the next. Now it could be your turn to enjoy them, ensuring your place in the long line of women who have worn and will wear these earrings in the future.
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