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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Victorian Earrings 14k Gold acorn ear pendants Day Night Top Drop (4815)

Antique Victorian Earrings 14k Gold acorn ear pendants Day Night Top Drop (4815)

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Antique Victorian day / night pendant earrings. 14k gold. Made circa 1890, European. Comes in associated fitted case.

Measurements: Measure approx 2 inches (5cm) long. Weigh 7.7grams.

Description: Earrings consist of two main parts: an upper surmount in a fan shell shape that suspends a loop above a long, pear-shaped wreath of laurel leaves with bows at the bottom and long acorn drops. An interesting fine detail is the acorn-like join of the drop to the loop. Foliage enhanced by fine engraved detail. The acorns are articulated and swing independently of the foliage frame, which also moves along with the wearer. Light catches the gold from different angles and adds subtly to the attraction of these beautiful earrings. The small surmounts can be worn alone by day if a simpler look is desired and with the wonderful drops to attract a little more attention. (hence day/night term).

Marks and Metal: We found no hallmarks, but tested the gold with acid. Stays for 14k.

Condition: Good condition. Please see 'photos.

Comes in a fitted case that might be original. Case in lovely soft brown leather with puce silk lining and name of a Geneva Switzerland firm embossed in gold letters.
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