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Antique Victorian Necklace Gold Enamel Renaissance Revival Heart Pendant (6248)

Antique Victorian Necklace Gold Enamel Renaissance Revival Heart Pendant (6248)

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Antique Victorian Renaissance Revival Neo Classic Necklace with pendant. 14k Gold and enamel. Made in England circa 1870 with French gold hallmark (see Marks below).       

Measurements: Approximately 16 3/4 inches (42.5cm) long. Sections are approxomitely 5/16th inch (7mm) wide.  Weighs 46.7 grams. 

Description: the necklace consists of gently curved sections of gold ribbon. Each section is exquisitely decorated with fine filigree and granulated work and highlighted in enamelling in red, white and green. Some of the enamel is quite 3-dimentional and glistens like rubies. The borders are rope twist and beaded, within are scrolling foliage and flowers. Between each section is a station consisting of a half globe of raised gold and white enamel with fine filigree and granulation matching that of the lower sections. Scrolling white enamel and gold are attached to the front few sections and in the middle is a pendant drop with heart or urn, attached via loops so that it is free to move. The heart/urn has a pair of mirror-image C's (like a Castellani mark) and has very rich red enamel granulation and blue and white enamel within cloisonnes.     

The tongue-in-groove clasp is hidden in an arched station, identical to those that surround the necklace and barely distinct from them, indicating the quality of the workmanship. Finest detail. Comes in an old necklace box with embossed name of seller in the lid. See details below.  

Marks: French shell hallmark indicating 14k gold (usually imported from overseas as the French did not make jewelry with 14k). 

Condition: good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.   

The necklace comes in a very old box, which might be original or added soon after the initial purchase. Embossed mark on inside of box is all but illegible. We have worked out some of it: Name of retailer is GEORGE ? & SON
FINE JEWELS  83 FLEET STREET   TEMPLE BAR    Corner of Chamber Lane    Tel 405 1086 13 LINE ST.
Temple Bar is considered Dublin's cultural quarter that is popular with tourists. Fleet Street is an address in Temple Bar.

THE STORY: At a time when Paris was considered the epitome of quality jewelry and the leaders in fashion, a Parisienne chose this necklace above anything locally made and furthermore, took the trouble to have it correctly hallmarked in France. All of this reflects the superior quality of design and workmanship. A luxury item, even in its day.  You expect to find a Carlo Giuliano mark on this necklace, but either it is unsigned Giuliano, or it was made by one of the top English contemporaries of Giuliano at the time. 
We should remember that during the Victorian era, the aristocracy of England almost all had homes in Ireland.  Hence, the necklace was purchased from a Dublin retailer. 



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