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Antique Victorian Brooch 18k Gold Pink Topaz Turquoise Gems w Appraisal (6905)

Antique Victorian Brooch 18k Gold Pink Topaz Turquoise Gems w Appraisal (6905)

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Antique, Victorian brooch. 18k gold, pink topaz, chrysoberyl and smoky quartz. Made 19th century, most probably in the United Kingdom.


Measurements: Weight is 7.3 grams. 1 1/4 inches (3 1/4 cm) long. 

Description : Bright and lively small brooch. A trio of colorful gems in a row. The central, largest stone is a pink topaz, closed at the back. It is flanked on either side by a pair of gleaming, lemon yellow chrysoberyl and a smoky quartz on the other side. The perimeter surrounding the larger gems consists of alternating gold globules and turquoise, giving a lacy effect which contrasts with the strong statement of the gems. The turquoise cabochons are set above high cylinders of gold openwork that are formed of 3 bands - a gold ring at the bottom, openwork gold circles in the middle and the zigzag upper section that actually holds the cabochons. All of this is supported by an openwork trellis, similar to the mounts of the turquoise. These together with the golden spheres are what give the effect of cannetille. The brooch pleasantly combines the solidity of the central gemstones and the busy, lacy look of the border.




Hinged pin, secure clasp with sliding locking mechanism to ensure security.


The combination of colors and contrast between them is sure to draw every eye as will the gleam and shine of the gems. 


A word on dating: there are a number of features of this brooch that hint more to the Georgian than the Victorian period. The use of pink topaz was very popular during the Georgian era. The cannetille - like effect of the golden globules and turquoise that form the outer border of the brooch was a characteristic of the 1820's. The closed back of the central stone was also more common during the Georgian than the Victorian period. We have been conservative about the age and prefer to err on the side of caution, so we attributed the brooch to the Victorian period.


A great deal of thought, artistry, craftmanship and effort went into making this little brooch, which could not be copied today.


Marks and Metal: No marks. Acid tests for 18k gold.


Condition: Good with minor wear commensurate with age. It appears that the hinge side of the pin has been re-attached to the gallery, but it has been well done and does not impact on the appearance of the brooch. Some of the turquoise cabochons are replacements. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.


This brooch was independently appraised with a value of $7000.00 Appraisal available to new owner.

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