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Antique Victorian Bracelet 18k Gold Garnets Pearls Enamel Signed PM (7122)

Antique Victorian Bracelet 18k Gold Garnets Pearls Enamel Signed PM (7122)

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Antique Victorian bracelet bangle. 18k yellow gold, enamel, Almandine garnets and pearls, believed to be natural pearls. Made in France by maker PM (see below). Independent professional appraisal.

Measurements: Weight is 64.5 grams. Length, not including tongue is 7 1/2 inches (18.25cm). 27.2ct garnets.

Description : A wide cuff bracelet. 5 square stations. Each station or section composed of an outer square border of bright pink almandine garnets. Deep glow and gleam of round gems, gently faceted, held in a flower-like collet setting. Inside the garnet border is a square of black-enamelled gold with engraved scrolls and foliage around a raised golden flower containing a central pearl. We strongly believe the pearls are natural as there were no cultured pearls at the time this bracelet was made. Each square is joined to its neighbours and / or the clasp via a flower modelled in gold and hidden gold loops. This allows for great flexibility. Wide tongue-in-groove clasp is very secure. A tiny pair of gold loops enable the addition of a gold chain that could add further security, but is not currently existant. Exquisite workmanship, design and materials. A truly luxurious bracelet.

Marks and Metal: At least 3 French eagle head hallmarks for 18k gold, made in France. A maker's mark lozenge with a central lion passant and PM initials on either side of the lion.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. Independent appraisal available to new owner. (valued at $21535.00)

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