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Antique Silver Filigree Judaica Spice Tower Besamim Havdalah (5539)

Antique Silver Filigree Judaica Spice Tower Besamim Havdalah (5539)

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Antique Judaica spice tower / besamim for Havdalah. Silver filigree. Exact origin not known: might be Polish, Russian or German and might be Yemenite. Most likely dates to 19th century.


Measurements: Approximately 8 inches (21cm) high; weighs 138 grams.


Handcrafted silver filigree. Roughly square base with a circle of filigree work and filigree patterns on the corners. Leads to a neck of 8 long leaf-shaped sections, meeting in the center with a silver ring. Above is a square box which would contain spices for the Havdalah service marking the end of the Sabbath. It is hung with 4 bells. The 4 sides are beautiful filigree work, with an arching door in the front. There are 4 flags - one on each corner of the box. Above the box is a peaked silver filigree roof of elongated dome form. Circles at the bottom are an echo of rose windows. Wonderful workmanship.


Marks: the only mark I found is on the ring of the neck. See 'photos.


Condition: good. There might have been an additional flag on the top of the roof. Otherwise, all parts are intact and in good order considering their age. Minor wear commensurate with age. Please see 'photos.


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