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Antique Russian Chased Silver Tray P Milyukov Moscow 1893 (4851)

Antique Russian Chased Silver Tray P Milyukov Moscow 1893 (4851)

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Antique Russian chased silver serving tray. Made in Moscow, 1893 by Petr Milyukov.  

Measures 17 5/8 inches long x 11 1/2 inches wide (45 X 29cm). Weighs 945grams. 

Scalloped rectangular shape with an openwork sturdy handle at either side. Fluted, rolled border. The entire surface is very richly decorated with chased patterns: the concave, rounded sides with foliage, beneath which are pointed arches and geometric patterns - very delicate and finely executed. The entire flat surface is chased with a profusion of engraved flowers and foliage. Beautiful workmanship. Double silver handles - a cojoined trilobe within an extended half oval. 

There are a number of hallmarks. On the top rim is assayer and city, which appear on both handles, on the flat back of the tray is the assayer, maker, date and city with the Russian silver standard. Marks are as follows: Assayer Lev Oleks 1893; Russian silver standard 84; Moscow town marks; Workmaster Petr Milyukov. 

Good condition. No dings/dents/damage found. 

Please note: Russian silver sugar bowl shown in last pictures is not included with the tray

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