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Antique Rosary Ring Gold Enamel Cross Georgian Bumps to Count Prayers (6532)

Antique Rosary Ring Gold Enamel Cross Georgian Bumps to Count Prayers (6532)

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Very rare antique rosary ring. Georgian. Chapelet or chaplet. 18k gold and enamel. Made in France 18th century to very early 19th century.

Measurements: US size 6.3 . Weighs 0.9 grams.

Description : Tiny, exceptional ring with a Christian religious function. While very small, it fits an average sized finger. The bezel is a flat gold oval, enamelled with a black ground enclosing a crucifix of gold and white enamel. The hoop is very rare - upon first glance it is a simple gold band, but closer inspection shows that there are stations with raised gold bumps. These would be used to count special prayers and perform the same function as a regular rosary. In France, these bumps are known as chapelet, giving rise to the term chaplet in English. It serves the exact same purpose as a regular rosary. THe person marks off each prayer by moving his/her finger to the next bead or bump.

The ring rosary is very, very rare. It is a pretty little thing and can be worn alone or stacked with other rings.

Marks: No marks but acid tested as 18k gold.

Condition: There is some wear to both the gold and enamel commensurate with age and use. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

This is one of the rings from a collection of Mourning Rings bought in Paris.

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