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Antique Rookwood Ceramic Jewelry Tool Box painted Fox Terrier F King (3636)

Antique Rookwood Ceramic Jewelry Tool Box painted Fox Terrier F King (3636)

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Very rare signed ceramic box with painting of a wire haired Fox Terrier dog, painted by Flora R King.  

Made by the Rookwood Pottery Co.

in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 1946.

Box is a little over 5 1/2 inches long; 3 1/4 inches wide and slightly over 2 inches high.

Rectangular shape, rounded and convex at the terminals.

Fitted lid that lifts off entirely.

Colour is highly attractive powder blue with a slight grey/mauve tinge.

There is a lighter coloured band near the top of the box.

Inside of box is shaped and rounded.

Lid has superb painting of a wire haired fox terrier dog.

White with a brown patches over one eye and ear.

Floppy ear, bright intelligent eye, looking at the viewer with something of an attitude.

Nose looks as though it's captured mid-twinge.

Beautiful, subtle, soft colours.

Superior quality of painting in every way.

There are a number of impressed and incised marks under the box: Rookwood mark with XLVI, which stands for 1946.

Under that is impressed 6922B, which is the model and size number.

The incised marks are an 18, FK for the artist, Flora R King, and 258.

Condition is very good.

The glaze is crazed, but there are no chips/cracks/damage/restoration of any sort.

Flora R King worked as an artist at Rookwood between 1945-1946.

Her work is therefore very rare and of the highest quality, selling for many thousands of dollars on the rare occasions when it is found for sale.

Condition: good.
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