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Antique Pair Silver Dutch Berry Fruit Serving Spoons (1629)

Antique Pair Silver Dutch Berry Fruit Serving Spoons (1629)

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Antique, Victorian Dutch silver.

Exceptionally beautiful and unusual pair of Dutch silver berry serving spoons.

Date to 19th century - 1874.

Maker Eversbag, Amsterdam.

Measure 7 1/2inches long.

Weigh about 3 1/2oz.

Various theories what they were used for: Possibly wine strainers as wine in those days had to be strained before it was drunk.

Someone informed me that : These are Ginger spoons.

The side of the spoon to cut the ginger.

The holes to let the ginger drain from the liquid.

I have also been more recently and convincingly told that they were used for serving wet fruit. Whatever you choose to use them for, they are magnificent and sure to be a topic of conversation at your dinner table.

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