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Brenda Ginsberg Antique Jewelry

Antique Pair Sculpted Carved Figures Jester Musicians Wood (3953)

Antique Pair Sculpted Carved Figures Jester Musicians Wood (3953)

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Antique pair of carved oak jesters / troubador musicians.

Made in Italy, late 19th century.

Approx 14 1/4 inches tall (37cm).

Absolutely charming: One figure plays a mandolin; the other a flute.

Each figure stands on a very simple, rectangular oak wood block.

Wearing standard uniform of a jester or harlequin, complete with bells and buttons and lots of pleats.

Collars like sunflowers.

Wonderfully detailed caricature faces.

The mandolin player with a huge open mouthed smile, stares into the distance; the flautist with exquisite gentle expression on his smiling face and soft eyes.

Quality of carving very good.

Wood has great, old patina and warm glow after more than 100 years.

Condition: the mandolin has the edge of it's handle missing; the tips of the fingers of the flautist are missing, as is the 'horn' and bell on one side of his cap.

One side of the cap of the mandolin player may be re-attached.  

The couple more than makes up for these signs of age by their great charm.
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