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Antique Oil on Canvas Military Painting French British Peace Agreement (3954)

Antique Oil on Canvas Military Painting French British Peace Agreement (3954)

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Antique oil on canvas military painting in original frame. Titled Entente Cordiale. Painted c1904, England.

Measurements: painting site measurements are width 17 1/4 X length 23 1/4 inches. The frame measures 23 X 29 inches.

The painting commemorates the Entente Cordiale, an agreement signed between The United Kingdom and France in April 1904, formally bringing an end to more than a century of hostility between the two countries and binding them in an agreement directly partially against a potential German threat.

The painting depicts a meeting of a pair of soldiers - British and French. The French in the form of the female Marianne, symbol of the French Republic, Liberty and Freedom. She presents a goblet to the Beefeater Brit. Both in national colours with red, blue and white predominating, both in their dress and their flags, directly behind them, making for a very powerful combination. Behind them is a cannon. Another beefeater fades into the distance. Directly alongside the couple is a pile of cannon balls, a military drum and bugle. The scene takes place in a landscape with trees in the background, the greenery a perfect contrast to the bright primary colours of the subjects.

The painting is very well painted by a clearly professional artist, who has unfortunately, not signed the work.

The painting comes in it's original frame. Wood, gesso and gilded inner border.

Both the painting and frame were in need of restoration when I bought them. Both have been superbly restored by master artists overseas. The painting is in great shape and ready to hang.
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