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Antique necklace pendant 15ct gold pearls demantoid garnets Bride tiara (7327)

Antique necklace pendant 15ct gold pearls demantoid garnets Bride tiara (7327)

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Antique late Victorian / Edwardian necklace possibly tiara. 15ct yellow gold, pearls, demantoid garnets. Made in the United Kingdom, circa 1895 - 1910.

Measurements: Weight is 24.3 grams. Approximately 15 1/2 inches (40cm) long. Drop is 2.9cm.

Description : The necklace consists of 5 sections with gold chains at either end, plus a pendant. The 5 sections are connected via a mechanism that allows each to move/articulate independently of the others. The same mechanism may have been used to connect to a tiara fitting - see below.
The sections are all botanical in nature with blossoms of various sizes and foliage. All parts are set with small pearls, believed to be natural. In the center of the daisy-like flowers are lively green demantoid garnets. These gems were discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia at about this time. Today, Russian demantoids are very rare and highly sought after.
The pendant is easily hooked onto a twisted gold wire at the back of the central section. It is composed of slightly assymetrical trilobed flowers, reflecting the Art Nouveau style. The flowers are similarly set with pearls and demantoids. The pendant can be worn with the rest of the necklace or alone on a seperate chain.

A close look at the back of the necklace shows fittings where a wire for a tiara could be screwed on. We do not have the wire, but it should be quite a simple matter to make one and re-establish the versatility of using this as a necklace or pendant or tiara.
We have attempted to show this in some of the pictures of the back of the necklace.

Marks and Metal: 15ct is stamped in numerous places on the back.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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