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Antique Necklace 18k Gold Fringe Indian Wedding Bride Marriage adjustable (6444)

Antique Necklace 18k Gold Fringe Indian Wedding Bride Marriage adjustable (6444)

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Antique Victorian era Marriage bridal necklace. 18k yellow gold. Made in India anywhere between 1850's and early 1900's.


Measurements: Width from upper edge to tip of drops is approximately 1 1/4 inches (3.25cm). Length of gold band only is approximately 10 inches (slightly under). Gold was weighed by previous owner before stringing - 22.5 grams.


Description : Delicate and lace-lake as befits a beautiful young girl, this would make a prize dowry item and would constitute a large part of a woman's bank and financial worth. An upper band of fine gold links - so fine that you need a loupe / magnifyer to see how they were made, consists of a 4 rings. The lower 3 are like a fleur de lis and the upper is filled with a granule or tiny ball of gold. These are joined via oval gold ribbon links on the sides and on the bottom to another row of almost identical multiring sections, but consisting of 6 parts. The bottom ring is attached to elongated, pointy drops, each ending in a trio of tiny gold granules in a cluster. While the Victorians may have used this design simply for its beauty, for the Indians, there was much symbolic meaning attached to the form of the drops - possibly fertility or related to marriage in another way.


The above 10-inch section is attached on either side to a cone with tapering ends tightly wound with gold metal coiled wire, which in turn leads to a cord and tassle of adjustable length. In this way, the necklace can be made to fit women of various sizes and to hang at different lengths according to the dress of the day. The cord is a replacement (presumably the original cord rotted long ago).


While genuine antique necklaces like this are almost impossible to find, it is still incredibly versatile and will suit any woman of any culture or ethnicity.


Marks: No hallmarks as is to be expected in antique jewelry of this sort. Gold was acid tested to ensure purity.


Condition: 1 of the 45 pointy drops has a little amputation - totally unnoticeable, but mentioned for the sake of accuracy. Minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. 

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