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Antique Natural Pearl Earrings Diamonds Silver Gold GIA Certificate (6493)

Antique Natural Pearl Earrings Diamonds Silver Gold GIA Certificate (6493)

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Antique natural pearl earrings ear pendants. Gia certificate. Victorian or Edwardian period circa 1880 - 1910. Origin unknown. Oval pearls, gold, silver and diamonds. 


Measurements: Approximately 1 5/8 inches (4.25cm) long. Weighs 6.5 grams. Pearls were measured and tested by the GIA as being a) 8.10 X 7.38mm and b) 9.22 X 8.67mm. The lengths were not measured because the pearls are mounted. We measured the distance between the end of the silver point of the setting and the opposite side of the pearl and they are approximately 15 and 12mm respectively.


Description : Elegant pair of fine, long ear pendants ending in superb natural pearls, tested and certified by the American GIA. The gold wires are connected to mostly silver drops, as was typical of Victorian jewelry. The drops are in the form of foliage, set with diamonds. The pearls form buds with silver and diamond calyxes. They are roughly oval in shape. A rare and highly wearable pair of earrings. Natural pearls of this size are extremely hard to find.


Marks: There are no marks. We acid tested the gold of the wires, which stay at 14k. Most of the metal is silver.


Condition: Fair with light wear commensurate with age. Pearls are generally in good shape with very minor/negligible superficial surface cracks to the nacre. There is one small area near the 'calyx' of one of the pearls where the nacre is minutely rougher than the rest of the surfaces. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.


Gia certificate dated January of 2018, calls the pearls semi-baroque drops; bodycolor is cream and states that they are natural saltwater pearls of the Pinctada species with NO indications of treatment. Naturally, the GIA certificate will accompany the earrings to their new owner.

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