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Antique Micromosaic Brooch Dogs w suckling puppies French 18k gold Spaniel (7418)

Antique Micromosaic Brooch Dogs w suckling puppies French 18k gold Spaniel (7418)

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Antique micromosaic brooch. 18k gold, micro mosaic, mother of pearl. Brooch is French, 19th century. Micromosaic itself probably Italian.
Unisex - suitable for a man or a woman.    

Measurements: Weight is 19.6 grams. 1 3/4 inches (4cm) long. 

Description : Rectangular brooch. Mounted in 18k yellow gold with chased scrolling details on each side. Understated, beautiful gold workmanship that shows off the micromosaic to best effect.
Black glass ground to micromosaic. The scene is of a family of dogs - father, mother and babies in a woodsy, foliate setting. 
Dogs are from the Spaniel family. The father stands guard, protectively ensuring the safety of his family. The recumbent mother, lies in a clearing on the ground, also looking back in the opposite direction to the father. Father is tan with white detail and mother is white with tan tail and face. Both wear blue collars, indicating that they are aristocratic pets. The WOW detail of this group is found in the puppies - a pair of babies, one tan and one white, suckling from the mother. This detail is exceptionally rare. Pairs of dogs are rare, but the addition of the puppies is almost unique. 
Workmanship is also exceptional. Micromosaics come in a range of qualities, but this scene is very finely depicted with tiny, shaped tesserae, very closely set. 
The ground and foliage surrounding the dogs is of the same great quality and the colors range from earthy through a variety of green shades to brown. Wonderful detail.
Backed by mother of pearl. 
Long gold pin with C-clasp. 

Marks and Metal: French eagle head for 18k gold, made in France, on side of brooch and on pin.     

Condition: Black glass with crack. No missing tesserae.  I believe the mother of pearl was placed behind the micromosaic to stabilise it.  Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.   

THE STORY: The craft of making beautiful and detailed micromosaics was perfected in Italy, where this example was almost certainly made. They are true works of art in miniature, especially exceptional piecs like this one. These fantastic works of art were then imported into France, and other countries, where they were mounted into jewelry.  This brooch was made in France, as the hallmarks prove. 
Micromosaics (or micro mosaics) with dogs were popular subjects. The Victorians, like us, were crazy dog lovers. The blue collars on the doggy parents indicate a wealthy and aristocratic family. While single Spaniels or bulldogs are to be found, ranging in a variety of quality workmanship, a whole family, including puppies is absolutely exceptional. For that reason, we chose to overlook the cracked background and focus on the wonderful scene within. 

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