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Antique LC TIFFANY Glass Goblet tadpoles Iridescence (4322)

Antique LC TIFFANY Glass Goblet tadpoles Iridescence (4322)

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Antique iridescent glass goblet.

Made by Louis Comfort Tiffany, late 19th - early 20th century.

Measurements: 3 7/8 inches tall.

3 3/8 inches across the top.

Round base with a definite ridge on the bottom/underside perimeter.

Base slightly smaller than the bowl - almost like a cut-off cylinder with a very slight flare at the lip.

From various points about the 'equator' of the bowl, are applied glass tadpoles, set in a ring, some higher, some lower and tucked into the top of the neck so that you can almost feel the pressure of the glass-maker as he pushed in the tails.

Tadpoles look marvelous both from the outside and when seen from above on the inside.

The glass itself has a wonderful iridescence that changes colour depending on the light.

In general, bright orangy gold predominates with swirls of pink and red, but the base has a definate swirl of silvery blue, repeated in the top of the neck.

(some 'photos show blue much deeper than reality).

Etched signature underneath L.C.T. and number 8735.

Condition is very good.

No chips/cracks/damage of any sort.
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