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Antique Late Victorian Earrings Ear Clips Turquoise Diamonds 18k Gold (7169)

Antique Late Victorian Earrings Ear Clips Turquoise Diamonds 18k Gold (7169)

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Antique late Victorian earrings / ear clips. 18k gold (see below), diamonds and natural turquoise. Origin not known.
Independent appraisal and certificate.

Measurements: Weight is 16.1 grams. Length is 7/8 inch (21mm). A tad under 3/4 inches wide (17mm).
3.51ct diamonds (old and single cuts). 7.08ct natural turquoise.

Description : Seriously substantial earrings for a smart woman. Really strong design coupled with fine gems, strong colors and fine workmanship. Oval, natural turquoise cabochons of a truly stunning tone of blue. Homogenous, even color throughout. Gleam as the light catches them. Turquoise in a gold collet with pleats and engraved decoration, barely visible to the naked eye. Such attention to detail indicates the luxurious quality of the earrings. Surrounded by a rounded rectangle of diamonds, individually placed higher and recessed so that they give the appearance of a living organism, moving in a current or breeze. The corners each have larger diamonds. Diamonds are all collet-set and form a pair of concentric rings around the turquoise.
Comfortable ear clips in gold are very likely replacements of an earlier system. This makes the earrings wearable for non-pierced ears.

Marks and Metal: Like most jewelry of this period, there are no hallmarks. Gold was electronically tested. Results ranged from 22 to 18k for the earrings. We will go with the 18k. Clips also tested 18k.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
Independent appraisal and certificate available to new owner.
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