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Antique Japanese Shakudo Pouch Pipe Case Mixed Metal Silver (5516)

Antique Japanese Shakudo Pouch Pipe Case Mixed Metal Silver (5516)

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 Antique Japanese wallet / pouch Sagemono; Kiseru smoking pipe and Kiseruzutsu case for smoking pipe w Shakudo clasp. Made during the Edo or Meiji period, over 100 years ago.    

Measurements: Kiseru Smoking Pipe just under 20cm long

Kiseruzutsu case for smoking pipe approximately 283cm long

Sagemono Tobacco Pouch Pouch size: approximately 13.5cm long

Amber bead 16mm in diameter. 

All original set consisting of a leather tobacco wallet or pouch, with mixed metal, shakudo clasp, an amber bead connected by rope to a lacquer and silver metal pipe case containing a long, thin pipe. 

Marks: none. 

Condition: the inside of the pouch is very worn. The outside of the pouch is in remarkable good shape with the exception of a tiny corner of the top left flap (see 'photos). The string holding the amber bead is worn. The amber bead is in very good shape. The lacquer pipe case is in very good condition considering it's age, with minor wear commensurate with age; the pipe is in good shape with minor wear. See 'photos for details. 

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