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Antique Indian Earrings Hoops 22k Gold with double Flowers Gintili (6450)

Antique Indian Earrings Hoops 22k Gold with double Flowers Gintili (6450)

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Antique earrings ear hoops. 22k yellow gold, spinel and glass. Made in India, Andhra Pradesh over 100 years ago.

Measurements: Weigh 19.2 grams. Diameter of hoops, not including the flowers and extentions is 7/8 inch (2.25cm).

Description : Exceptional antique Indian earrings in a rare form. THe main body of the earrings in the form of a generously sized ring, with finely detailed repousse gold work on the surface. The front of the earrings has attached double flowers. Bright red within 22k gold on either side of a smaller repousse gold flower on the surface of the gold ring. The red was originally done in glass, but some of the glass in this pair of earrings was replaced long ago with genuine gems (spinel). On either side are protruberances also set with red stones that were used to open and close the rings. For the modern women's convenience, the earrings have had simple gold wires added to the loops behind one of the earrings. This makes them easy to insert and wear without having hugely distended ear lobes.

These earrings were supposedly worn by milkmaids. If that is so, they must have been extremely wealthy milkmaids and these earrings were the form in which they banked their wealth. Marks: No marks as is to be expected of earrings of this age. Gold was acid tested to ensure purity.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

Reference: Waltraud Ganguly's book Earrings page 47-48 shows these earrings with further information and 'photo of a Milkmaid wearing gintili.

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