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Antique Georgian Set Necklace Brooch 22k Gold Aquamarine Garnet w Appraisal(6959)

Antique Georgian Set Necklace Brooch 22k Gold Aquamarine Garnet w Appraisal(6959)

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Antique Georgian set, consisting of necklace and matching brooch. 22k Gold cannetille, aquamarine and garnets. Made in the UK, circa 1820-30. Comes in antique, fitted box. Has been independently appraised.

Measurements: Brooch weighs 8.5 grams. Necklace weighs 77.4 grams. Brooch is 1 inch (2.5cm) long. Necklace approximately 17 1/2 inches (44.2cm) long. Gems appraised as weighing 14.85ct.

Description : Necklace is Classic Georgian on every level. It consists of 7 stations and a clasp, identical in design and form to the stations, joined by 3 rows of swag chains. Each rectangular station with a central, rectangular aquamarine held in a gold colette. This is surrounded by a wonderful cannetille frame of flower-rings. Each pair of cannetille rings forming a heart, adorned by golden globules (little spheres of gold). These are surrounded by openwork, gold filigree swags, scrolls and shells with pyramidal scrolling filigree, typical of cannetille work of the period - extremely fine and beautifully done. The diagonals have colette-set, deep red garnets, between which is further cannetille detail and crowns of gold filigree. Typical of Georgian jewelry, gems are close-backed. The gold chain links, forming triple swags between each station, are formed of very fine Georgian chains. Typical of Georgian chains, they are flat with raised globular decoration on their entire outer surfaces. Each link is set at right angles to the next. The links of this necklace are particularly fine - smaller and finer than is often to be found in jewelry of this period. Brooch: The brooch is identical to the cannetille and gem-set stations of the necklace, but has a hinged pin and c-clasp at the back. Originl tongue-in-groove clasp fits and works well and securely. The necklace and brooch come in their fitted, antique red leather box with silk and velvet lining. Box has 3 metal hooks, in good, working order.

Marks and Metal: No marks, as is to be expected. Acid tested - gold stays lightly for 18k, so to be sure, it is guarranteed at least 15k. Bright yellow color indicates that it is likely higher.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Pin of brooch is different color gold, so has possibly been replaced. Minor roughness to box's outer surface commensurate with age and use. Necklace and brooch in great condition. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. Independent appraisal available to new owner. Valued at $25500.00

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