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Antique Georgian Rose cut Diamond dangle ear pendants (4133)

Antique Georgian Rose cut Diamond dangle ear pendants (4133)

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Antique Georgian rose diamond drop earrings. Circa 1780.

Measure 1 7/16 inches long, not including the loops. Weigh 9 grams.

Earrings are set in silver with gold backs, which was the way the Georgians did most jewelry. The backs of the stones are fully enclosed, indicating the early age. The stones are in pulled settings with little pinched creases as decoration on the sides of the metal. A loop is attached to one stone from which the rest of the earring is suspended. A tear-drop shape, all outlined with a border of diamonds and one on the bottom for extra elegance. The center suspends a pair of diamonds - one small on top and a much larger one, which swings as the wearer moves. This is a particularly attractive pair of Georgian earrings that are great to wear either by day or night.

The earrings are in very good condition.

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