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Antique Georgian Ring 15ct Gold Pearls Enamel Hair Mourning Chased Gold (6833)

Antique Georgian Ring 15ct Gold Pearls Enamel Hair Mourning Chased Gold (6833)

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Antique Georgian Regency Half Mourning Ring. 15ct gold, pearls, enamel, hair. Made in the United Kingdom 1821.

Measurements: Weight is 4.1 grams. US size 4.25-4.5

Description :Richly made ring, lavishly set with pearls. The bezel is a square with a pearl perimeter enclosing a black enamel inner border containing a tiny glazed square enclosure holding finely woven blond hair. All set in gold, which forms bands around the borders. The band is equally interesting all the way around. It has forked shoulders, set with pearls followed by beautifully chased gold work. The chased gold depicts various flowers and scrolls. The back of the bezel is engraved with the details of the departed person: Ja Crosby Ob 11 Feb 1821 A 84. There were complex rules guiding mourning jewelry including the colors worn by women, spinsters or half mourning. Black and white were common for unmarried women as well as young people. This ring is beautifully made and very rich in appearance. It was very likely ordered in advance of the demise of the person who died and left in her will to a dear friend or relative. The lavishness of the workmanship and materials indicates that she was most likely a well off woman of means.

Marks and Metal: Gold was acid tested to ensure metal purity.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Pearls appear to be original and are well matched, which is unusual for items of this age. Enamel is in good, original shape. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer. Please note that the gold chased pattern goes all the way around the hoop of the ring, so sizing will impinge on the pattern/design.

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