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Antique Georgian pendant snake fob intaglio seal gold Man's Coat of Arms (7363)

Antique Georgian pendant snake fob intaglio seal gold Man's Coat of Arms (7363)

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Antique Georgian fob pendant with intaglio seal. 18k gold and chalcedony. Made in England, Great Britain, first quarter of 19th century.
Made for a man, but today suitable for a man or a woman and perfect to hang as a pendant from a neck or arm chain.

Measurements: Weight is 7.4 grams. Length approximately 1 inch (2.6cm).

Description : A gold fob seal designed as a writhing snake biting its own tail, set with a white chalcedony seal carved with a coat of arms. Body of the snake twists and winds around itself. Within, near the base is the head, biting the tail, known as an ouroboros. Engraved details.
Rectangular base with rounded corners has fine, bright cut engraved patterns, very typical of the Georgian period.
Set with a white chalcedony coat of arms.

Coat of arms with a badge in the center. Running across the badge is a ribbon with 3 stars. Radiating from the badge are 3 stork-like birds or gryphons.

During the Georgian era, there was no postal service and any man of status needed his own personal seal, often, like this, attached to a fob.

Marks and Metal: No marks, as is to be expected of gold from this period. We tested the gold electronically as 18k.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.
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