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Antique Georgian Pendant Brooch Lock Key Heart Gold Topaz Pearls Garnet (7163)

Antique Georgian Pendant Brooch Lock Key Heart Gold Topaz Pearls Garnet (7163)

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Antique Georgian romantic pendant brooch. Gold, topaz, pearls, garnet. Made circa 1800 - first quarter 19th century.

Measurements: Weight is 7.5 grams. Distance from top to botto of heart drop is 1 5/8 inch (approx 4.2cm). Width of upper section approximately 7/8th inch (1.2cm).

Description : Slightly rounded rectangular upper section with a raised rectangular foiled natural topaz of a golden color surrounded first by a ring of very small pearls, followed by a border of larger pearls, set in a gold mount with pinched sides. Dangling from the bottom of this section is a tiny lock, a key and to complete the romantic theme, a hear in the center. Lock and key connected to surmount via small loops while the heart-shaped garnet gains length by dangling from a double gold chain. Lock and key are set entirely with little pearls. A loop on the top allows the jewel to be worn as a pendant. At the back is a hinged pin with a c-shaped clasp. Pearls are the original, natural pearls. Exceptional in every way - from the aesthetics to the workmanship. Workmanship is exquisite. The pearls are well-matched in size and color and very finely set. Luscious, deep velvety red garnet. Warm glow of central topaz. Romantic theme perfect as a Valentine's Day gift or for a wedding or engagement. As wonderfully wearable today as it was over 200 years ago.

Marks and Metal: During the Georgian period, it was common to use gold of different purity in the same item. We have tested the gold multiple times with both acid and sophisticated electronic testers. Depending on where/how we test, gold ranges from 18K, through 14k and to 10k.

Condition: Good with negligible wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions which we will do our best to answer.

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